When we look at SEO, our primary concern is just how many visitors are being driven to our site, thanks to efforts made. In reality, there is much more important data that can be collected here that will help improve upon future SEO strategies. One important type of information that can be harnessed from growing traffic numbers is the most relevant keywords. By analyzing data on which keywords typed into search engines led to online users clicking through to your site, you can fine-tune the selection of keywords that you use in your content. It is a great way to narrow down to how online users find you, and allow you to focus on achieving top ranking for those particular words.

How Analyzing Your Online Traffic Can Help Your SEO Efforts
How Analyzing Your Online Traffic Can Help Your SEO Efforts

You can also ascertain which particular search engine results in the most visits to your website. Google is often the default search engine by which web developers seek to boost their ranking. This means that they keep an eye out for any changes in policy or algorithms that will affect how well they are assessed by Google. If however, you find that you are getting more hits off another search engine, then you may also want to consider tailoring your SEO efforts to match up to the expectations of this other search engine and its algorithms.
If you are using advertising through such mediums as banner ads, you can also find out which adverts hold the most appeal for online users and have them appear more frequently. You can also determine what kinds of platforms results in more users clicking through these advertisements. Many sites now use social media platform to advertise their websites and encourage more followers. Testing out the varied sites will help in identifying the platforms on which you are getting the best response. With so many social media sties to be found, you can pick out those that elicit the strongest response from users, and focus your social media marketing on them.
If there are blogs that carry your links, the number of people that follow these clicks can be helpful in identifying sites you can partner with. You can run promotions, advertise or contribute content to these sites in an effort to boost your visibility and drive more traffic back to your website.
Also, pay attention to which specific webpages that your online visitors are most drawn to. This can be a big help in determining what kind of content you should be focusing on to drive traffic. There are various online analytical tools that you can use to collect this kind of data, and help make your decisions making easier on these issues.